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Billy Kissa is an actress
and an Improv Theater instructor

For Billy, life is full of theater, traveling, cats & dogs.
From scripted theater she moved on to explore improv
and a new wonderful world unfolded before her…

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Through spontaneity we are re-formed into ourselves.

Viola Spolin

What i can do for you:

Improv workshops for kids & adults, tailored to fit the needs of each individual group, for amateurs and professionals. Standalone workshops are offered as well as full courses.

Training based on improv principles, tailored to fit the needs of your business (Team Building, Creative Thinking, Leadership, Crisis Management).

Improv shows of different styles, performed to your selected place or a suggested space, by me. A team of first class improvisers eagered to create a unique performance, created especially for you.

She's ok. Just ok. I never much liked improv so don't take my word for it.
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About me

But who is
Billy ?

Billy Kissa is an actress on scripted and Improv Theater. After studying Tourism Management in Heraklion, Crete, she returned to Athens to follow her first and great desire, acting. After graduating from “Theater of Arts, Karolos Koun”, she crossed paths with Improv Theater. Ever since she teaches and performs improv in Greece and all over the world.

Until now, she performed and taught in theaters and festivals in Greece (Mt Olymprov International Improv Festival, Samothraki Improv Retreat), Belgium (Improbubble), Finland (FiiF), Sweden (Improfest), The Netherlands (Impro Amsterdam), Germany (IMPRO 2016 – Borders, Limits, Liberty, Our Lives 2018, Momenta20), Poland (Improdrom, Jo!), Romania (Neverending Improv Festival), France (Theatre de L'Oignon), Spain (BIG IF), Italy, USA (Magnet Theater, Dad’s Garage, SAK Comedy Lab), Australia (Improvention) and Turkey.

After 8 years as a main instructor at ImproVIBE, she now teaches at House of Improv (HoI). She’s a co-orginizer of the International Greek Improv Festival "Mt Olymprov", a member of the European improv network "The SIN" and part of the international collective for women improvisers "Project Eve". She maintains a lot of “performing long distance relationships”, with the steadiest of them being the international troupe "3 Deadly Sinners" (a collaboration of Greek, French and German actors) and still works as an actress in scripted theater.

She works with adults, children of all ages and voluntarily gives improv classes to immigrants and refugees. As an instructor as well as a performer, she focuses on simplicity, emotional availability and the full and unconditional support of her students and colleagues. Respecting diversity, is one of her basic qualities, with ultimate purpose to be the safe freedom of expression and creativity.

If she wasn’t an actress, she would want to be a cat. As she quickly realized that this is not possible, she compromised with the next best thing and adopted every stray animal that crossed paths with her. The result is a cute little “zoo” in her apartment!

Performances Gallery

Some of my favorite shows

7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins, improv show performed by "3 Deadly Sinners".
At Mt Olymprov Festival 2018 in Athens, Greece

7 women of different ages

Improv show performed by "7 women of different ages".
At Mt Olymprov Festival 2018 in Athens, Greece

The court

The court, Improv show performed at Momenta 20
International Impro Theater Festival 2020 in Leipzig, Gremany


Böse, Improv show performed at Momenta 20
International Impro Theater Festival 2020 in Leipzig, Gremany

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